Jackie Mercandetti Photo

Old Town Taste

We've described Old Town Taste as a strip mall Chinese restaurant — easily spotted by the bright-red neon sign when cruising through Tempe — with a Sichuan bent, overseen by owners Xiohan Xu and Zuhao Wang and Chefs Qifu Chen and Jie Yu. Inside the mural-walled restaurant with turquoise booths, menus promise some exciting dishes, including the braised eggplant, mapo tofu, and Szechuan-style blood curd. One of our favorite plates is the Chongqing-style platter. This house special is offered as chicken or fish, and both options are phenomenal thanks to the piping hot meat coated in thin, crunchy batter. The dish is further weighed down with string beans and chile. Sides and drink options are just okay, which is fine, as anything Chongqing-style here will leave you satisfied for some time. New Normal: Old Town Taste is open for takeout only. Call ahead, and your food will be packaged and waiting for you on a table by the front entrance.