Realeza Michoacana

2520 N. 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Best Of
At what is arguably the ice palace of Phoenix, there are frozen treats available in enough varieties and flavors to ensure that every child and adult will find a tasty way to beat the heat. The homemade paletas are made with fresh fruit, like the coconut packed with shavings, lime-infused mango chili, cantaloupe, strawberry, and “cocktail,” which tastes like a margarita. If you’d rather use a spoon to eat your icy snack, try a raspado full of shaved ice, fruit, and flavored syrups. The Diabilito is a spicy-sweet drink jazzed up with chile powder, saladitos (salted plums), lime juice, hot sauce, and a chile tamarind candy swizzle stick. If you want a more American-style dessert, Realeza Michoacana also has pastries, fruit cocktails, and fourteen flavors of ice cream. This family-owned sweet shop is located along 16th Street in Central Phoenix, a hub for great Mexican eateries. After lunch or dinner, don’t forget to stop here for dessert.

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