Sapporo | North Scottsdale | California, Chinese, Contemporary, Fusion, Hawaiian, Health, Japanese, Polynesian, Seafood, Sushi, Thai, Vegetarian, Bars and Clubs | Restaurant


Neighborhood: North Scottsdale
A place to see and be seen, and suck down some topnotch sushi while doing so. This glitzy palace is packed with fine young professionals crowding a hip watering hole, but the chefs take their mission seriously. The concept is split into three themes: teppanyaki, Pacific Rim and sushi. With a special chef for each area, the results are outstanding all around. Anything with ahi is excellent, and dishes get creative, with plates like hoisin-glazed barbecue or misoyaki black cod with lobster cognac and kabayokie sauce. However, you can also always just pop in to get one of their refined, light, and fresh cocktails or enjoy a glass of wine or sake from their list.