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Jacob Tyler Dunn

Short Leash Hotdogs + Rollover Doughnuts

Lauren Cusimano
What's in a hot dog? Most of us have no idea, but at Short Leash, dogs are all-natural beef, bratwurst, chicken, veggie, apple Gouda, or spicy link. Originally (and still) a food truck, later located along Roosevelt Row, and now situated in a sunny, Seventh Avenue suite in the Melrose District, Short Leash is, yes, all about those dogs. We're partial to the Lady, an absolute killer loaded with chipotle cream cheese, sauteed onions, and fried pickles, and wrapped in the shop's signature naan. The Bear — peanut butter, smoked Gouda, bacon, barbecue sauce, and Cracker Jacks — is also great fun. The 80-plus craft beers and scratch-made brioche doughnuts nicely round out the offerings here. Patio seating is also available.