Tapas Papa Frita

Jackie Mercandetti
Tapas, traditional Spanish small plates, are the specialty at Tapas Papa Frita, a casually upscale restaurant and bar with views of the Scottsdale Waterfront. The restaurant offers a menu of about 50 tapas and 20 entrees, including crowd favorites like tortilla española (potato omelet) and paella (which the kitchen can prepare in seven different styles, including vegetarian). Simple, rustic tapas like boquerones (fresh anchovies cooked in olive oil and lemon) and chanquetes (flash fried silver fish) delight with bold, fresh flavor. But dishes like berejenas con centollos (crab and eggplant tart) and paella valenciana (the restaurant’s most popular entrée) suffer from bland, underseasoned treatment, making for a hit-or-miss dining experience.