Thaily’s | Chandler | Cambodian, Middle Eastern | Restaurant
Chris Malloy


It might be the size of a walk-in closet, but the unusual mix of Cambodian and Arabic cuisine at Thaily’s punches far above its square footage. Run since 2021 by wife and husband Thai and Lee Kambar (Thai-Lee’s … get it?), Thaily’s two signature cuisines tend to cross-pollinate less than they cohabitate, with Thai’s Cambodian fare comprising the lion’s share of the menu. Puffy fresh pita stuffed with lemongrass beef skewers makes for a fine sandwich, but digging into a dish such as salaw machu — a sour, fragrant Cambodian soup loaded with eggplant — is a wide-eyed moment for any food lover. Curried chicken, whether in the form of blistered, charred thighs or a rich coconut stew, is always an excellent choice. Salads, meaty and otherwise, are beautifully balanced and blistering hot. And the prahok ktiss — a funky Cambodian ground pork dip flavored with kroeung, makrut lime and fermented fish — is an absolute must, studded with diminutive pea-sized eggplant and served with a platter of fresh crudités for dipping and munching.