Two New Arizona Pot Polls Show Big Gains in Support for Prop 207

A tight Monmouth poll from mid-September had some cannabis advocates spooked about the chances for Proposition 207, the upcoming ballot initiative that seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. The poll found Arizonans favored the initiative by only a slight margin: 51 percent in favor and 41 opposed, but narrowing to a dead heat in a low-turnout election. Too close for comfort.

But two new polls out today suggest public opinion in the state is not quite as divided as last month’s Monmouth poll had it.

One of the new polls, also from Monmouth, shows 56 percent of Arizonans in favor and 36 percent opposed, of the 500 registered voters polled. Support from Republicans notably ticked up to 38 percent, from 32 percent last month.

As Marijuana Moment notes, the other poll, conducted by OH Predictive Insights, used the actual ballot language in its questioning, as opposed to a more general description of the initiative. In that one, 55 percent were in favor, 37 percent opposed, with a hefty 79 percent of Democrats and 72 percent of Independents in favor. (Only 23 percent of Republicans liked it.)

“It appears that the specificity of that language and descriptiveness of the initiative’s provisions compelled more people to back it, which bodes well for supporters leading up to Election Day,” Marijuana Moment concluded.

Feel strongly about this issue? Today is the last day you can register to vote in Arizona. 

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