Elevate Your Holiday High with These 12 Gift Ideas for Weed Smokers

From clothes to accessories and more, there are plenty of ways to stuff the stocking of the cannabis consumer on your holiday gift list.
From clothes to accessories and more, there are plenty of ways to stuff the stocking of the cannabis consumer on your holiday gift list. Mike Madriaga
It's that special time of year in the Valley when the color green evokes images of Christmas trees, mistletoe — and magical marijuana plants. As the holiday season begins, so does the mad scramble to find gifts for family and friends.

Whether you're playing Canna Clause or Secret Santa — and in a bind seeking that perfect canna gift to hide under the tree, stuff in a stocking, or tuck inside a holiday card — Phoenix New Times is here to help with gift ideas in a variety of price ranges to help you navigate the holiday rush and elevate your festivities.
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Jeeter offers a World Cup-themed gift idea.

Jeeter's WC22

The celebrations continue even as the FIFA World Cup winds down the week before Christmas. Kick off the holidays and roll up with a Jeeter's WC22 soccer ball. Jeeter has produced a limited line of gift set boxes shaped like soccer balls and filled with six individually packaged Jeeter pre-rolls tucked inside a grasslike platform. The gift boxes cost $90 at Mint Cannabis.
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Mary Jane SmokeWear has several options for gifts.
Mike Madriaga

Mary Jane SmokeWear Beanie Caps

As temperatures drop in the Valley, keep your cannabuds and family members warm with beanie caps from Mary Jane SmokeWear, a Best of Phoenix winner. The local clothing line, which makes cannabis plant design-emblazoned hoodies, tees, accessories, and merch, is sold at pop-ups in the Valley and on their website. The beanies are $20 to $30 each.
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Read about weed in several cannabis magazines.
Mike Madriaga

Weed Magazines

Cannabis magazines — Cannabis Now, Weed World and Maximum Yield Cannabis, to name a few — make excellent gifts for that particular person. Not only do they provide super informative content, including tutorials on how to grow your garden or features about how Ziggy Marley's son, Juju Marley, is navigating the 2023 canna universe, but art-packed publications also make fantastic stocking stuffers when rolled up. Barnes & Noble carries a variety of cannabis-related magazines, which sell for $7.99-$11.99. You can also subscribe to Phoenix-based and Best of Phoenix winner Cannabis Cactus for free.
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Handmade and handblown glass rigs will hit just the right high note for the holidays.
Mike Madriaga

Custom Glass Rigs

Handmade and handblown glass rigs are the high notes of this list. The rigs are made by local glass artisans such as Hendy Glass, Desi B., Porter Glass, Jake B (Friday Glass), and H.P. Loveglass. Check out the Supa Joint ($5,500) and intergalactic-alien-inspired rigs ($6,500), and a collection of other ornate dab rigs, at Bud's Glass Joint, another Best of Phoenix winner. Hendy glass items are 50 percent off in December at both Bud's locations, which are in the Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue art districts.
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Dr. Dre's music is a perfect gift for someone enjoying the cannabis lifestyle.
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Dr. Dre and Bob Marley Records and CDs

If you're stuck in Walmart during the holiday frenzy, you can find plenty of canna-friendly gifts here besides lighters. The big box store sells iconic vinyl records and CDs that are perfect for the cannabis lifestyle. For example, Dr. Dre's classic, The Chronic, is available in record and CD formats in the music section. If your loved one isn't down with hip-hop, Bob Marley's classics are another option. The vinyl records sell for about $47.99, and CDs go for about $15. Looking for other vinyl to smoke with? We've got suggestions for that, too.
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OG-cannabis rapper B-Real from Cypress Hill has his own toy called Dr. Greenthumb as part of a new doll line from Funko.
Mike Madriaga

Dr. Greenthumb Funko Dolls

Cannabis-related toys are nostalgic and draw people back to the joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning. Thanks to Funko, that toy vibe is back for adulting folks in 2022-2023. The company released figures resembling iconic rappers who have been down with the cannabis movement and rapped about the marijuana plant since the 90s. OG-cannabis rapper B-Real from Cypress Hill has his own toy called Dr. Greenthumb, a reference to the song "Greenthumb" that the band released in 1998 and the dispensaries B-Real founded in Cali.

"Arizona is one of the places where we want to plant the Greenthumb flag in," B-Real said in a recent New Times interview at his San Diego dispensary. If you can't make it out to California, his toy dolls with a plant in hand sell for $10 at Collectors Marketplace in Phoenix.
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Snoop Dogg has not one but two Funko dolls modeled after him.
Mike Madriaga

Snoop Dogg Funko Dolls

Collectors Marketplace also sells miniature vinyl toys of Snoop Dogg, the "Mary Jane" rapper turned American Music Award and Primetime Emmy Award winner. Two Funko-made Snoop dolls just dropped: One rocks his classic flannel and khaki get-up, while the other sports a more "A Pimp's Christmas Song" vibe. Collectors Marketplace is selling the canna-iconic dolls for $16 a pop.
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Boveda offers a smoker kit that makes for an ideal stocking stuffer.
Mike Madriaga

Boveda Everyday Smoker Kit

Keep your cannabuds' seshes fresh with an Everyday Smoker Kit. It keeps up to an ounce of cannabis or hemp garden fresh with a CVault cannabis container made of stainless steel and a 10-pack of Boveda terpene shields. The company touts that the kit will keep the herb fresh for up to two years if unopened. The kit sells for $44.98 at various dispensaries throughout the Valley.
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Bongs in an all sizes are a gift possibility at Bud's Glass Joint.
Mike Madriaga

RooR Bongs

Do you have some top-shelf dank that you may want to smoke in a high-end bong? RooR bongs are made in Germany of borosilicate ground glass, imported into the U.S., and sold in Phoenix. Bud's Glass Joint slings the crème de la crème bongs that range from 3 feet to 4 feet tall and come in various designs. Prices run from $300 to $600 each. RooR items are 50 percent off in December at both Bud's locations.
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What's the cannabis equivalent of a chocolate assortment? This Timeless gift box.

Timeless Gift Box

A Timeless gift box vape set is the cannabis equivalent of a chocolate assortment. The seasonal must-have comes with a Timeless Holiday Nog vape cartridge, a NOIR LA Confidential vape cartridge, a three-pack of Tumble Travelers Cherry Pie cones, a Timeless 2022 Holiday Flip Case and Battery Combo, a Gron chocolate-raspberry 1:1:1 edible, and a Timeless car freshener. The gift box is available at Mint Cannabis for $110 and at other dispensaries throughout the Valley.
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Some $20 can go a long way with 22Red merch.

22Red Combo

In November, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian stopped by the Marijuana Industry Trade Association's monthly networking event in Phoenix to promote the 22Red combo packs. They can make killer stocking stuffers that won't break the bank. For $20, you can purchase two pre-rolls and your choice of cool 22Red merch inspired by the Grammy Award-winning rock star, including a pin, slaps, or a lighter. The combo is sold at Curaleaf locations.
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The perfect holiday onesie for the weed smoker on your gift list is from RAW.
Mike Madriaga

RAW Spacesuit

RAW, the company that makes rolling paper from "natural plants with zero burn additives," also creates a fantastic merch line for the holidays. One of the cutest yet uber-functional products they made in 2022 is the RAW Spacesuit, which is for adults. The jumbo box, which showcases the same colors as its packaging, holds a black-and-red colored onesie with a hood and hidden pockets to hide your stash. Pick yours up for $140 at either Bud's Glass Joint.
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