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10 Songs About Methheads and Speed Freaks

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Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. It's in many ways the enduring holy trinity of pop music. Like it or not -- we're not advocating anything -- drugs are responsible for lots of great songwriting. So every Friday in August, we're going to take a look at the impact of drugs on popular music. It's Drug Month.

Today's drug will help you lose weight, study for a test, and maybe cause your teeth to fall out. That's right, we're covering amphetamines! Use with caution and don't mix with caffeine or alcohol. And make regular trips to the dentist, which is an especially fun thing to do after you've been awake for two days straight.

Pulp: "Sorted for E's and Wizz" In the middle of the night, it feels alright But then tomorrow morning, oh, oh then you come down

E's and Wizz are British slang terms for ecstasy and speed, respectively, but I won't fault you for not knowing that (I didn't at first). The only thing that's certain is this song is about Jarvis Cocker tripping balls and takes an occasional breather with an "ahh . . . just keep on moving."

Third Eye Blind: "Semi-Charmed Life"

Smiling in the pictures you would take Doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break

It's easy to overlook this song being about meth since those lines were usually bleeped out on the radio. But, seriously, think about it: Pre-teens and soccer moms nationwide jammed still jam to this illicit tune.

The Hold Steady: "Ask Her for Some Adderall"

Tell her I'm not up to takin' calls, Ask her for some Adderall

Some of The Hold Steady's best songs are written about the same cast of characters. Holly knew how a resurrection really felt, and now she's being told The Hold Steady opened for The Rolling Stones. In the world according to Craig Finn, you can screen somebody's calls and still ask them from pills. Lesson learned!

Danny Brown: "Adderall Admiral"

Eating on an Adderall, wash it down with alcohol Writing holy mackerel, actual all factual

Apparently, amphetamines and alcohol is all you need you write crazy raps like "my dick was like a lasso," rhymed with Tabasco.

Everclear: "Amphetamine"

Amy goes to school all day But at night in the neighborhood They call her amphetamine

This song is about a strained relationship with a girl struggling with addiction. The real question is if it's the same person mentioned in "Heroin Girl."

Toys That Kill: "Amphetamine Street"

When can I have my laundry 'cause everyone who is anyone is on amphetamine street Where the scream mutes the sound

San Pedro sounds like a pretty scary place where drugs and screams are the norm. Elton John: "Bennie and the Jets"

Hey, kids, plug into the faithless Maybe they're blinded, But Bennie makes them ageless

"Bennies" are a slang term for Benzedrine, which is a type of amphetamine, so there 'ya go, here's some insight into one of Sir Elton's greatest songs, which just so happens to mention a gal wearing electric boots and a mohair suit. You know I read it in a magazine.

The Big Pink: "Crystal Visions"

Do you know the way To the silver-colored road By the city that's run dry On a sequin-covered horse

This song isn't necessarily about crystal meth, but it's got a beautiful and descriptive quality that makes it feel appropriate for those zoned, up-for-three-day moments.

Daycare Swindlers: "Crystal Meth"

Oh, I'm a zombie Been awake for three days I'll sleep enough when I'm dead In the meantime I'm stayin' awake

Lack of sleep, driving 90 miles an hour, and being totally fried . . . sounds about right.

The Crystal Method: "Busy Child"

Too obvious? I guess I didn't know.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.