11 Nintendo Songs from The '80s That Are Still Insidiously Catchy

You might not have been the same kind of nerd as I was. You might, you lucky devil, not have even been a nerd at all. But if you're wondering why a particular nerd subset is flying its goofy Legend of Zelda hats at half-mast today, wonder no more: Hiroshi Yamauchi, the no-nonsense businessman who turned a playing card company into an all-nonsense videogame titan, is dead. For those among us whose first musical loves had titles like "Overworld Theme"--well, it's a REALLY bad time to tell us about how badly the Wii U is selling.

In lieu of a black armband I've solemnly prepared this listicle, built to document the 11 insidiously catchy, NES-generated songs from Nintendo's golden age that I've been listening to ever since I heard the news. Important and related mourning fact: It's hard to remain solemn while you're listening to the theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.

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Dan Moore