25 Best Club Candids Photos of November

So, how was your November? You probably did the Thanksgiving thing with the family, watched tons of football, and got into it with other Black Friday shoppers in order to nab the biggest deals. As for the Club Candids crew, they spent the past month celebrating Day of the Dead, hanging out with ASU football fanatics toasting what was shaping up to be one of the team's better seasons, bidding farewell to The Lodge in Scottsdale, and going ham to drum 'n' bass with kandi kids, all while rabbing snapshots of each of these experiences.

Here's a look at the 25 best photos they shot while out and about.

Dance of the Dead at Apollo's

The DJs of Tongue Tied and Motown on Mondays joined forces to honor the dearly departed and celebrate the living during the Dia de Los Muertos-themed Dance of the Dead party on Saturday, November 1, at Apollo's Lounge. It was a spirited affair with Catrinas, ofretas, and sugar skulls in abundance while as Roya and Funkfinger spun dance hits and retro tunes inside the bar and Tricky T and Pickster One dropped throwback funk and soul out on the patio.

Undead and loving it.

A Day of the Dead version of Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill? Probably the coolest thing ever.

This was taken well after midnight, so please don't feed Gizmo. Bad things tend to happen.


Rooftop Lounge and Patio in Tempe

The hustle and bustle of Mill Avenue's weekend party scene takes on a different perspective from three floors up, which is something the Club Candids crew learned while hanging out at the high-style Rooftop Lounge and Patio on Saturday, November 8. We also got caught up on the latest gossip, gained insight into just how passionate Arizona State University students are about their beloved Sun Devils, and discovered which dance tracks are getting rumps bumping these days.

Fear the fork.


Feeling thirsty? This sassy drink-slinger has more than a few adult beverage ready and waiting.

With your eyes closed, its less dangerous.

The Lodge's La Adios Fiesta

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Scottsdale joint The Lodge made like the mythical Sasquatch and disappeared completely from the Old Town scene last month, as it closed its doors and headed for a new home in Tempe. Before switching off the lights, however, the staff at the cabin-like bar, nightspot, and eatery is closing its Scottsdale location and is moving to Tempe, but not before throwing an enormous two-night farewell celebration on Saturday, November 15, and Sunday, November 16, called La Adios Fiesta. Many of The Lodge's regulars were on hand for its big swan song, getting in a few final rounds and raising a toast to their favorite spot.

It seems like there's always one guy like this in every group. Seriously.

Every Sunday is a fun day for this dude.

More cheese than The Lodge's famed Sasquatch Burger.

Cowboy up.

C.A.S.A. SunBá in Tempe

After Arizona State Univeristy's football squad blew out the Washington State Cougars, 52-31, on Saturday, November 22, at Sun Devil Stadium in a big come-from-behind victory, marron and gold fans were naturally in the mood to celebrate. Many headed for C.A.S.A. SunBá just off Mill Avenue, where they tend to but on a big spread on game days, including serving up live bands, DJs, and countless rounds of cocktails in the bar's signature plastic mini-buckets.

Arguably the biggest ASU fan ever...certainly the most eye-catching.

Still wondering why ASU won that award for having the hottest girls? Here's "Exhibit A"...

Which one of these is not like the other?

Sadly, this is the only kind of cup that will have ASU's name on it this season.

Netsky at The Pressroom

Ravers, clubbers, dance music fiends, and drum 'n' bass lovers crowded into The Pressroom in downtown Phoenix on Friday, November 28, to catch a scorching set of live d'n'b and liquid funk by Belgium-born EDM producer Netsky.

Your face might freeze like that if you're not careful. Just saying.


Oh, obscene finger gestures from such pristine girls.

He's really happy to be here...really happy.

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