Club Candids

25 Best Club Candids Photos of October

We totally got to party with a robot in Scottsdale a few weeks ago. True story. Well, we're pretty sure it was a robot, but admit that it might've been a dude in some shiny, vacuformed plastic armor. (We also may have been a few drinks in at the time.)

At any rate, it was one of the more memorable experiences we racked up while out chronicling the Valley's nightlife scene every weekend in October for Club Candids, as was the moment when our paths crossed with rising local pop singer Luna Aura at Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row or with gleefully over-the-top rock tribute band Metalhead at Wasted Grain. Plus, we also watched Diplo drive a sold-out Maya Day & Nightclub wild and got to celebrate the third birthday of Crescent Ballroom.

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