25 Best Club Candids Photos of October

We totally got to party with a robot in Scottsdale a few weeks ago. True story. Well, we're pretty sure it was a robot, but admit that it might've been a dude in some shiny, vacuformed plastic armor. (We also may have been a few drinks in at the time.)

At any rate, it was one of the more memorable experiences we racked up while out chronicling the Valley's nightlife scene every weekend in October for Club Candids, as was the moment when our paths crossed with rising local pop singer Luna Aura at Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row or with gleefully over-the-top rock tribute band Metalhead at Wasted Grain. Plus, we also watched Diplo drive a sold-out Maya Day & Nightclub wild and got to celebrate the third birthday of Crescent Ballroom.

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Oh yeah, and we also took some photos of clubgoers, ragers, and dance music fans as well -- a lot of photos. Here's a look at the 25 best from the month of October.

Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row in Scottsdale

The Valley's resident country hitmaker Dierks Bentley knows a thing or three about tipping back a few, getting rowdy, and having a blast while doing so. For proof of such, look no further than such songs as "Sideways," "Drunk On a Plane," and "Am I the Only One," or his stylish Whiskey Row drinkery/honky-tonk in Scottsdale. Designed with the both the country and Old Town party crowds in mind, it's often packed with both buckaroos, cowgirls in tight jeans, and city slickers looking to have a good time. Club Candids joined in the fun when we stopped by on Saturday, October 4.

Chris Farley is totally checking you out.

This is what awaits you inside Whiskey Row's front door.

You never know who'll you run into at Whiskey Row. In this case, it's local pop singer Luna Aura.

Like the old saying goes, behind every nice couple there's a waitress dancing on the bar for tips.

Two much.

Wasted Grain in Scottsdale

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It's nice to know that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Case in point, Scottsdale hotspot Wasted Grain, which underwent a massive transformation this past year from its former identity as Martini Ranch but remains a popular spot to drink, dance, or just rock out, particularly during its industry night on Sunday. Hundreds flock to the Stetson Drive bar -- including employees from other Old Town joints on their night off - to have some fun, watch hard rock tribute act Metalhead perform, or dance in Wasted Grain's 100 Proof Lounge upstairs. Club Candids witnessed all of this when it paid a visit on Sunday, October 12.

Totally money, baby.

Ladies night out.

Ready for fun.

She's got it go-going on.

Best Raiders of the Lost Ark impression ever.

Diplo at Maya Day & Nightclub in Scottsdale

Scottsdale's Maya Day and Nightclub was completely sold out and packed from wall-to-wall with people on Saturday, October 17, when superstar producer, EDM fiend, Mad Decent czar and party instigator Diplo performed a spectacular set filled with electro, trap music, and club hits. Local breakout DJ and rising star Mija was also on hand to open the night and prime the crowd with her magnificent mix of house, bass, and other sounds both trippy and funky.

Robot rock.

If you've never heard of Phoenix native Mija before, you soon will, since she's bound for superstardom.

Get low when the whistle blow.

Diplo hypes up the crowd during his stellar set.

The perfect pairing of tats and glasses.

Crescent Ballroom's Third Birthday

During its first three years of existence, downtown Phoenix's Crescent Ballroom has hosted hundreds of memorable shows both inside and outside, as well as plenty of off-the-hook parties and social hangouts. So its only fitting that its third birthday celebration on Thursday, October 23, was a mix of all three as bands like Gardens & Villa, Bear State, and A Cloud for Climbing performed while DJs lit up the decks in the lounge and hundreds gathered throughout the place to drink, dance, or just make the scene.

Peace out and rock out.

Meow, that's what we call a cool t-shirt.

And the award for the best tattoo of the night goes to...

Cheroot, cheroot...cheroots are on fire.

Bar association.

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