9 Best Bars for Day Drinking in Metro Phoenix

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If you're more of a dive bar type than Shady's will offer the dark, retro vibe you're looking for. The Central Phoenix joint is an especially friendly neighborhood bar with surprisingly talented bartenders. Service industry folks frequent this watering hole -- which means, people will always be willing to throw back a few no matter the time of day -- as do bike-riding hipsters and locals. And their famous jukebox is just icing on the cake. On Sundays, pool is free until 7 p.m. so you can get a head start on brushing up on your game.


We love to hate Sandbar's clientele, but if there's one thing the North Phoenix bros and ladies know how to do, it's drink hard all day long. Because Sandbar is one of the only bars around the Desert Ridge shopping area, there's almost always a small crowd lounging around the outdoor patio or in the covered cabanas. It's like a sandy, misted haven for 20-something singles and we have to admit that there's something sort of charming about sipping cheap beers (and the occasional shot of tequila) with our toes in the sand.

The Handlebar

Normally, Mill Avenue is a wasteland of tourists, visiting family members, and underage college students during the day, but if we had to bet where the daytime drinkers would be hanging, out our money would be on the Handlebar. The Tempe bar cashes in on the craft-beer trend with a rotating selection of two dozen European and American brews, as well as local selections. This place hosts lots of events on the weekend, so chances are you'll find something entertaining to do, and if nothing else the daily happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. means half off all beers.

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