AFI's Jade Puget: Being Saddled With The "Goth Punk" Label Was Unfortunate

It has been three years since the last time AFI tore across the US on tour. The diehard fans that follow this alt-rock force have been anxiously awaiting their return ever since; now Tempe is next on the list, and the band hasn't missed a beat.

This Sunday, A Fire Inside will be rocking the faces off concertgoers at the Marquee, and there will be plenty of buzz in the air about AFI's forthcoming album, Burials, which will be released the following Tuesday.

Burials has already garnered many positive reactions from fans nationwide, and the album is certainly the latest high mark for a band with two decades of creative music in the books. Up on the Sun spoke with AFI guitarist Jade Puget leading up to his Tempe appearance about the new album, pigeonholing his band and a look back on his career.

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