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Animal Collective Releases New Music; Internet Rejoices

Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion was one of 2009's best, and 'Collective fans are understandably antsy about its followup three years later. Well, the waits is over: Animal Collective has a new album, Centipede Hz due in September.

Yesterday, the band shared "Today's Supernatural" on the recently launched Animal Collective Radio, which is probably best enjoyed after ingesting some sort of psychedelic drug. So munch on and stream the new tune after the jump.

The song is a trip to say the least, but if you saw Animal Collective perform at Coachella in 2011, the outer-space approach isn't much of a surprise. The only thing missing is a giant cube with some psychedelic imagery .

Deakin gave The Stool Pigeon an idea of how Centipede Hz will sound.

I remember saying, 'This is going to be harder for people to swallow.' There's no doubt about it: people are going to react to this. It wasn't being bummed about it or a critical comment of the music or anything -- I'm really stoked and I think the record's amazing, personally. But there was an instant melodic gratification to Merriweather and I think we intentionally made a record this time that is a lot [laughs] We took a left turn at weird town. For the most part, every song, in terms of the way the record is laid out and the choices we made sonically, is way more challenging. And that's been verified by every person I've played it for so far. People have said they love the record. Friends of ours have said it took them two or three times to even understand it. Merriweather is not that. From the first note of Merriweather you're like, 'Oh my God, I just wanna dance' or 'My heart's exploding.' This is more like, 'This is amazing but I'm confused and I don't quite know what's going on and I think I need to listen to it again and maybe I should turn it off.'"

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