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Arizona Federal Theatre in Downtown Phoenix Just Got a New Name

Arizona Federal Theatre is now Arizona Financial Theatre.
Arizona Federal Theatre is now Arizona Financial Theatre. Live Nation

Dodge Theatre, Comerica Theatre, Arizona Federal Theatre, and now Arizona Financial Theatre.

Yes, the performance venue at 400 West Washington Street in downtown Phoenix is getting a new name — again.

The switch comes because the naming sponsor, Arizona Federal Credit Union, changed its own name earlier this year after its members voted to approve a change in charter, transforming the financial institution from a federally chartered credit union to state-chartered. Since its name is now Arizona Financial Credit Union, so is its namesake theater.

“This theater is home to so many amazing memories for Arizonans, from seeing a favorite band to even graduating college, it’s hosted a variety of joyous occasions and we are so excited to continue to have a part in that magic,” Ronald L. Westad, president and CEO of Arizona Financial Credit Union, said in a press release. “This small change in name marks a huge milestone for our institution as we continue to expand our financial support to the entire state of Arizona.”

Arizona Financial Theatre opened in 2002, making this its fourth name in two decades. It opened as Dodge Theatre, became Comerica Theatre in 2010, then Arizona Federal Theatre in 2019.

For more information, visit the Live Nation website.
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Jennifer Goldberg is the culture editor and Best of Phoenix editor for Phoenix New Times.