Live up to your potential...
Live up to your potential...

Arty Girl: Artists, Pimp Your Sh*t at Gammage

Friday, March 27th.

Burn that date in your brain...

Friday, March 27th.

There? Got it?

That's the deadline for art exhibit proposals to ASU Gammage's 2009-2010 art season.

Yes, that would mean that if you're accepted, your work would grace the walls of the three lobby galleries in this beautiful architectural landmark (I don't have to tell you it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, do I?).

With a seating capacity of about 3,000 and shows running practically every night of the year, you'll get some killer exposure and pump up your resume...pretty sweet gig.

So here's what you gotta do:

Send a proposal that includes a statement about your work, a resume, a max of 10 slides or digital images (jpeg format), and the application form to:

ASU Gammage
c/o Brad Meyers, Exhibit Coordinator
PO Box 870105
Tempe, AZ 85287

Oh, and make sure your stuff can hang on a wall...sorry, installation're out of luck on this one.

Visit for more information.


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