First Friday, May 2009...street vendors galore.
First Friday, May 2009...street vendors galore.
By Jonathan McNamara

Arty Girl: Call to Artists for September Heritage Square Art Walk

Artlink, Rosson House Foundation and local artist Sean Deckert have joined forces to put together yet another addition to First Friday. Only this time, we're getting back to our roots.

For the first Friday art walk in September, Heritage Square Park will host its first outdoor art gallery, scheduled for every first friday from here on out. But at this art walk, things will be different. Organizers aim to create an escape from the mob scene on Roosevelt Row and offer an environment that focuses strictly on art and artists.

That means no street vendors, trash can drummers, Ghostbusters or college kids trying to hug you.

Nope, you can expect to be able to actually see the art, spend time with it and chat with the artists on hand.

As of now, there's still space for artists to join the event. It's juried, so you'll have to send in examples of your work. Since September is the first month, you can set up for free (there will be a $50 fee for future months). Organizers are seeking serious artists and want to represent the entire range of culture downtown so they are open to all types of art.

Not to mention, you can pretty much bank on there being a solid media presence there in September so you better get in while the gettin's good, my friend.

To apply for the Heritage Square Art Walk contact Sean Deckert, 217-417-5686, For all other inquiries contact Erin Hesser, 602-261-8948,


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