Veteran Mesa punk band Authority Zero recently released a new video for the track "Big Bad World" from their 2010 album, Stories of Survival. The reggae-tinged song and accompanying video were inspired by the ongoing economic crisis. In a recent blog post on Buzznet.com, lead vocalist Jason DeVore described the video thusly:

Authority Zero Tackles the Economic Crisis in New Video for "Big Bad World"

"It's no surprise to anyone out there that we're in an economic struggle and tragic events occur every day. It's all around us in our day to day lives. Good friends and family working relentlessly at their trusted jobs for years, only to one day be suddenly laid off due to cutbacks. Countless others and I have experienced this first hand. This video and song are simply a reminder of the things going on around us that we sometimes block out."

Check out the new video after the jump.

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