10 Musicians You Need to Follow on Social Media

Do yourself a favor and follow Rihanna, k?
Do yourself a favor and follow Rihanna, k? landmarkmedia /
At this point, participating in social media might be as big a part of the music industry as the act of making records. Self-promotion and connecting with fans through Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat is vital — and gives followers the chance to get a sneak peek at the creative process. As with everything else in music, some artists just do it better than others. Here 10 musicians who can't be topped when it comes to an outstanding online presence.

Laura Jane Grace
Instagram: @laurajanegrace
Twitter: @LauraJaneGrace

More than a rockstar, Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace is a powerful voice in the transgender community. Not only has she made accessible to her fans her personal images and blurbs regarding her day-to-day life, but Grace is known for interacting and responding to anything from a personal compliments and shout-outs to questions about her business endeavours. If you’re a fan of dark humor, life on tour, new tattoos, or the occasional political post, then her frequently updated feed is for you.

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Sherri Dupree Bemis
Instagram: @sdupreebemis
Twitter: @SDuPreeBemis

Multitasking queen Sherri Dupree Bemis is the epitome of goals. When the eclectic Texan isn’t traveling the country with her family band Eisley, hitting the road with her husband and Say Anything frontman Max Bemis around, or eating ice cream and dressing up with their adorable kiddos Lucy and Coraline, she’s busy sketching some of her incredible images known as Sherri’s Ink and exposing the underlying shiplap in the family home. Bemis’ whirlwind life is heartwarming and, naturally, caffeine-fueled.

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John Legend
Instagram: @johnlegend
Twitter: @johnlegend

One half of Hollywood’s favorite couple, John Legend’s social media accounts give us a glimpse not only into his own life, but also into the hilarity that seems to surround Chrissy Teigen at all times. When the couple isn’t playing with baby Luna, getting glammed up to attend an awards show, or sporting matching onesies for sleepovers, they’re eating pizza and lounging around naked like the rest of us normal folks.
Katy Perry
Instagram: @katyperry
Twitter: @katyperry

Pop princess Katy Perry has never had any qualms with expressing herself on social media. However, she took it one step further in recent weeks, opting to live-stream her life nonstop in promotion for her new album, Witness. For roughly 96 hours, spectators watched Perry sleeping, eating, and taking interviews. It’s during those latter conversations that we saw a more vulnerable, flawed side of the singer that hasn’t been exposed since her film, Katy Perry: Part of Me. Though we appreciate the rawness of the experiment, we prefer our Katy when she’s not confined to a small indoor space and able to be her typical, bubbly self.

Tom DeLonge
Instagram: @tomdelonge
Twitter: @tomdelonge

“From dick man to space man” as he put it, Angels and Airwaves frontman and former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge has been busy creating an empire for himself — and showing it off via the interwebs. Aside from his music gigs, DeLonge has been busy running To The Stars Inc., a multimedia production company featuring apparel, decor, and most importantly, his own science fiction novels like Poet Anderson and Sekret Machines. Despite learning how to adult, DeLonge still finds time to display his love of aliens and record the silliest of videos.

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Instagram: @beyonce
Twitter: @Beyonce

Should you choose to bear witness to the flawlessness that is Beyoncé’s world, be forewarned — your life will never be the same. By getting in formation with her followers, you’ll catch highly coveted insights of Bey behind the scenes as a performer, a fashion maven, or a mother of three. Though it might be a while before she’s posting photos of her newborn twins, we have plenty of faboosh photos of Blue Ivy and Jay Z to fawn over.

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DJ Khaled
Instagram: @djkhaled
Twitter: @djkhaled
Snapchat: @djkhaled305

In case you haven’t heard, “We da best!” The Snapchat superstar is known as more of a social media icon than musician these days, with his infant son stealing the spotlight and hanging out with more famous people in a single day than the average person might meet in a lifetime. Even if he’s no longer waiting for the Drake vocals to come in, Khaled’s shenanigans are worth a peek and definitely a major key.

Instagram: @adele
Twitter: @Adele

No one keeps their feed as real as Adele. The British songstress seemingly tweets for herself, bypassing a social media manager to share her personal input on all things personal and professional. While other pop stars do their best to release carefully worded statements as a means of expressing hope and observation, Adele’s social media accounts read like the unfiltered life of a pop star. Though she rivals Chance the Rapper for the title of Beyoncé’s biggest fan, she’s loved by many for her genuine charisma on and off the stage.

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Instagram: @badgalriri
Twitter: @rihanna
Snapchat: @rihanna

Oh na na, we love Rihanna and her enigmatic social media presence. The Barbadian diva is known for posting her badass fashion choices and red carpet-stealing gowns — and also for throwing some of the most comical shade in history. Never one to pull any punches, the “Bitch Better Have My Money” singer knows not to take life too seriously. Just don’t try to make her the subject of any negative commentary or she will come for you.

Instagram: @lordemusic
Twitter: @lorde

Semi-secret onion ring review account notwithstanding, Lorde is one the most prolific stars online. Everyone’s favorite New Zealander might’ve disappeared from the spotlight for a couple of years, but she continued to update her brief return to normalcy and ensured fans that she wasn’t gone for good. Now celebrating the release of her sophomore album, Melodrama, the Kiwi has been excitedly sharing snippets and images of everything behind the scenes and the occasional quirky stream of thought.
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