BOP Extra: Take Home a Picture Postcard of Phoenix at the "Wonderland" Show

The cheapest and most indicative souvenir of a place is definitely the postcard. Thanks to Cindy Dach and Greg Esser, Phoenix now has some of the coolest take-home keepsakes around.

The two integral players of the downtown Phoenix creative community designed, from scratch, four different styles of postcards that will be on sale for a buck apiece at the "Phoenix as Wonderland: Art from New Times' Best of Phoenix 2009" exhibit. (Also on display and for sale is Dach's stunning hand-stitched piece of the cat-tree-bicyclist image that she turned into a postcard image. The accompanying wood frame that displays the artwork was hand built by Esser.)

"Greg and I work in such different mediums so it was challenging to conceive one big piece. Then a friend suggested to divide the paper into two. Greg then suggested four sections and the idea of Phoenix postcards was conceived," Dach says. "[Phoenix] is a wonderland because of the opportunity. You can be involved in so many different activities and actually have a voice in how the city develops. That is actually a wonder."

"Phoenix as Wonderland: Art from New Times' Best of Phoenix 2009" opens with a free First Friday reception on Friday, October 2, at [merz]project, 1437 North First Street. For more information, call 602-229-8478 or write to [email protected].

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Steve Jansen
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