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Celebrate Christmas Eve-Eve at The Ghost of Eastside Records

Punk is a dish best served in a confined space.

Wait, that's all wrong isn't it? Proverbs are always calling to me; Klingon or otherwise. But let's get back to the point here.

A lot of people are pretty damn excited about the sort-of-rebirth of Eastside Records and with good reason. The opening of The Ghost Of Eastside Records promises to bring back that same old musty antiquated smell of time-traveling vinyl, as well as the occasional impromptu spastic punk rock show.

On Friday, December 23, you can treat yourself to one of these limited-time affairs before the shop closes its doors again. Phoenix-based Otro Mundo along with Tempe's Acid Dawgz will be kicking off their west coast tour at the newly opened shop with the help of Mangled Men.

The three bands share the well-documented interconnected relationship renowned within the Valley music community. Otro Mundo, which recently earned high praise in our esteemed top local releases of the year list for their garage pop mastery, boasts members from Pigeon Religion, Avon Ladies, Nihilism, and Acid Dawgz, while Mangled Men's lineup consists of Jackie Cruz from the Pods, Paul Arambula of Vegetable and Gilgongo Records owner James Fella from Soft Shoulder.

If tight quarters, jangly guitar riffs, orchestrated noise effects and poppy-feel-good rhythms are up your alley, celebrate Christmas Eve-Eve here. Listen to good music and buy cool shit while you're at it.

Show starts at 8 p.m.

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