Christina Aguilera Promotes Tipsy Hookups on "Woohoo"

Since musicians like Trey Songz are just not enough to send the message home that getting tipsy before hooking up is totally a great idea (and not risky at all), now pop music fans have Christina Aguilera to praise the virtues of getting drizzunk before getting physical in her latest single, "Woohoo," off her upcoming album, Bionic, released next Tuesday, June 8. Because, you know, Aguilera's all about empowering females and such -- see "Dirrty."

Aguilera classily starts out the track telling listeners she's onto them and knows how much guys want to taste her "woohoo." And no, "woohoo" is not code for her freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. But before you think she's slutty, Aguilera has an excuse: "I'm a little tipsy, play along with me... Pick your glass up, you're sipping kind of slow."

Now, it's a good bet many of us have made bad sexual choices when we've been drunk--making out with the guy you swore would only be your friend is one example. And while it's true sometimes tipsy hookups can be fun, getting drunk in a club then going home with someone presents lots of dangers, including sexually transmitted diseases and rape.

Of course, there's no mention of that in Aguilera's song. She finally admits toward the end of the track, "I know I probably shouldn't, but I'm feeling good." Well, if your instinct, or what's left of your common sense after getting sloshed, is telling you "no," sober up before you do something you regret.

Aguilera recruited the most appropriate rapper to come on such a ridiculous song: Nicki Minaj. In a mere four lines, she goes from, "My name Nicki, Little Daddy" to, "Way you work your tongue, can I hire you?" It's pretty clear Minaj is into casual hookups, with one of her standards being oral sex skills. Good for her.

It's such a let-down Aguilera decided to follow up the oh-so-disappointing "Not Myself Tonight" with yet another super-sexualized song, when she could have went with the very beautiful "You Lost Me." But her hubby's probably really proud. Let's just hope her 2-year-old son doesn't sing along to this one.

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Nicki Escudero
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