Club Candids

Club Candids: EPIQ Nightclub in Scottsdale

If you haven't been inside the nightspot located across Saddlebag Trail across from El Hefe and Majerle's Old Town in Scottsdale recently, there have a been more than a few changes to the place recently.

What was once the debauchery-laden Pussycat Lounge (which closed this past summer) is now the ultra-glittery EPIQ, an upscale dance parlor with a taste for flashy lights, booming electronica, and wall-to-wall late night fun.

Sounds exactly like the sort of place that Club Candids has to visit to get some spectacular snaps, which we did this past weekend.

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Once we traipsed down a long hallway leading from the entrance to the rest of the club, our eyes and ears were in for a feast of light and sound. A sea of colored lights surrounding dozens of mirrors blasted out luminance with every beat doled out by EPIQ's weekend resident, DJ STIQ.

As the costumed mixmaster, who's true identity is hidden because of his snow white racing suit and motorcycle, expertly worked the knobs and dials during our visit, pouring out electro-laced remixes of house, electronica, Top 40 tracks, and club hits with aplomb.

According to our sister blog Jackalope Ranch, Joe Fournier (the London-born club entrepreneur who co-owns EPIQ) spent a pretty penny installing more than 3,500 LED lights on the walls and ceiling surrounding the dance floor, as well as the joint's top-shelf Funktion One sound system.

The bursts of flashing light and booming drops were a catalyst of movement amongst the throng of patrons inside EPIQ on Saturday night, as well as the clubs resident go-go dancers. There was an absolute giddiness in the air as folks drank high-end cocktails from the bar, nuzzled up with hotties, or just danced to the music.

We also saw a few hotties checking out their appearance in one of EPIQ's numerous mirrors, making sure they hadn't gotten too disheveled amid all the flurry of activity surrounding them. It didn't come as a surprise, considering this is Scottsdale, a city obsessed with appearances and where vanity is king.

Get a glimpse of EPIQ and its patrons by perusing this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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