Club Candids

Club Candids: Grimes at the Rhythm Room

As enchanting and entertaining as Grimes' performance was at the Rhythm Room on Monday night, the real action was taking place outside of the CenPho music venue. While the Canadian indie artist charmed the crowd with her captivating voice inside, a chaotic scene unfolded in the Rhythm Room's parking lot.

There was much shouting and chasing about as cops cars and a fire truck rolled up to the venue during the show. It was sparked off by a girlfight before Grimes started her in the Rhythm Room bathroom earlier in the evening between two female patrons, who were reportedly (at least according to those in attendance) separated by Grimes herself.

The kafuffle over the scuffle dragged on outside as the fight's instigator was detained, but both the walls of the Rhythm Room were thick enough and Grimes' performance was entrancing enough that most in attendance weren't distracted from the show.

Nope, they were too busy enjoying Grimes' melancholic voice, which was wrapped in the funky-yet-ambient electronica. One fan named Eric Carpenter told he particularly dug the show, and even had a rather unusual compliment for the kooky and cutesy chanteuse's music.

"I wouldn't try to categorize her sound, but it kinda reminds more of like a new soundtrack for The Goonies, if that makes any sense," he says. "Maybe like a new age Goonies."

Some better call Steven Spielberg because we've found the new Cyndi Lauper for the long-rumored Goonies remake that's in the works.

Goonies-loving Grimes fans weren't the only ones in attendance at the show, as evidenced by pictures of the colorful cornucopia of people we photographed at the Rhythm Room for this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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