Club Candids: Joe's Grotto on Saturday, August 2nd

By Lilia Menconi

Mmmm. Boobies. Now check the slideshow.

If you happened to be a ’90s rocker (pick your flavor — butt or punk) in Phoenix, you surely caught a Plinko or Pelvic Meatloaf show as you made your rounds among the Nile, Party Gardens, and the Mason Jar. The nostalgia hit us hard when we heard of a reunion show at Joe’s Grotto. And then it hit us even harder when we make the trek up to 32nd street and Thunderbird. But, unlike in the ’90s, we took the 51 all the way and didn’t hit the ’hood for a drug deal.

On Saturday, August 2, we felt right at home with the slightly mature crowd catching the show at Joe’s Grotto. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised that we weren’t the only ones looking to relive our glory days. Many familiar faces were spotted, only this time, we were all rockin’ some sweet crow’s feet and sexy, round bellies. Ah, well, at least we still know how to party.

Joe's Grotto, 13825 N. 32nd St., 602-992-1007, www.joesgrotto.com.

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