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Cover the Crescent @ Crescent Ballroom

Everyone loves The Beatles. Anyone who says they don't "get" The Beatles is simply saying it for the sake of playing devil's advocate. Yeah, it's annoying, but we tolerate those people because we're open-minded folk who appreciate an opposing point of view. Even if it's wrong. On Friday, November 4, locals Future Loves Past, Japhy's Descent, 88 MPH, The Van Jacks, and more gathered at The Rogue Bar to cover the hits of the lads from Liverpool for a packed crowd. But apparently that left a few other locals feeling left out. So, to remedy their heartbreak, they decided to do the same thing, but bigger and (potentially) better. At the very least, Cover the Crescent will be more expansive. Gypsy rockers Dry River Yacht Club will cover The Beatles, but the cover repertoire will broaden as Painted Faces cover Elton John, Born Loser and the Hangers On rock The Pixies, and Colorstore (interestingly enough) covers Tom Waits. Coming from acts that don't usually take the cover-band route, Cover the Crescent will feature the unique twists that each band has to offer on classic songs you can insist you don't "get" to maintain your contrarian, indie cool. Don't worry, we aren't angry.

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Christina Caldwell