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Cowboy Mouth @ The Compound Grill

Despite what you may have heard, these wily New Orleans-based rockers did not name themselves after that singular feeling you get from French-kissing a horse. In fact, the name comes from a Sam Shepard-Patti Smith play from the 1970s, so maybe it has to do with French-kissing Patti Smith. Can't really say. What we can say is that Cowboy Mouth is probably the closest thing we Americans have to Barenaked Ladies, which is liable to strike you as really fun-sounding and intriguing or horrific in the extreme. Yes, Cowboy Mouth devotees have been known to bring little props to the band's shows and playfully throw them on stage, much as BNL devotees shower the Canadian camp-rockers with Kraft Dinner boxes. So fun! (Unless it happens to make you want to drink acid.) The band's music is also BNL-esque: upbeat, well-enunciated, full of corny little hooks and duet arrangements. Unabashed is probably the word for it. It's the kind of music that's hard to dislike unless you're forced to hear it over and over again, à la BNL. So let's hope Cowboy Mouth, which has been recording and touring since 1990, never goes heavy-rotation. Better for everybody that way.

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Craig Outhier