Around Phoenix."">

Danny Brown Interview: "I Have Been Around Phoenix."

"I am unpredictable," Danny Brown says. "That's why I call myself the hybrid. I never do the same shit." Danny's high-pitched speedy delivery attracts listeners and hip-hop heads alike to his Adderall-influenced songs. He's recognized for his idiosyncratic rhymes and jokes (who else can reference Janis Joplin and GG Allin in the same verse?), as much as for his hairdo and trademark smile, with a front tooth missing.

Danny Brown is scheduled to perform Monday, April 15, at Club Red in Tempe.

Danny Brown is known for obsessing over his bars, and he won't release anything until it's got that Danny Brown stamp of approval. Soon, his new album, OLD, will be released to a crowd of fans who fell in love with his mixtapes. But this time around, the 32-year-old rapper says he will present us with a more "grown-up" Danny Brown.

I asked him what we should expect from OLD, but he wasn't ready to give anything away. "You just have to wait and see," he said. "Expect the unexpected because it can't be pin-pointed down."

He takes pride in producing good work: As he says to his peers in "#hottestmc," "I be writing that shit, have you rappers pissed / Like, 'How'd he think of this? I wish I'd thought of that shit.'" "#hottestmc" was written long before he was snubbed by MTV's Hottest MC List, but he released it in response to being left out. Announcing it on Twitter, he said, "Fuck a top 10 list. I'm the greatest rapper ever."

He pays tribute to his influences in the song when he says, "Big turned in his grave, an earthquake in Grenada / When Pun shed a tear it hurricane for a week." Danny Brown is our resident weatherman, his lyrics convincing enough to make us believe the explanation for global warming has been rappers controlling extreme weather conditions from the grave all along.

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Danny Brown released a new song, "#expressyourself," this past week. I asked him about the artistic process that allowed him to be so consistent and prolific. He answered, "Process? I don't have one. I heard that beat on SoundCloud, and I kept waiting for someone to jump on it because it's so good, and no one did, so I said, 'Fuck it, I'll do it then.' I did all of it in one day and then released it the next day. It was fun.

"I know how to make beats, but I rap, and that's what I'm good at. That's why I don't mess with producer-rappers. I'm not trying to shoot my own videos; that's for the directors. I feel like I'm the best at what I do, and I try to stick with that."

I asked if he had visited Phoenix before. "I have been around Phoenix," he said, laughing. "I will say that. I used to go there before I was even a rapper. I like it a lot. There's parts where people don't even speak English, and that's cool."

Danny Brown is scheduled to perform with Bauuer on Monday, April 15, at Club Red in Tempe.

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