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Daughtry at Arena

It's hard to believe someone like Chris Daughtry, who didn't even win his season of American Idol, is now playing huge venues such as Arena with his band, Daughtry, as he did last night. The pop rockers played with Lifehouse and Cavo, and fans posted pics and thoughts about the show on Twitter--and we've rounded up the goods for you. Check out what Arizonans had to say about the former Idol contestant who's proven being on a cheesy reality television show doesn't have to stall your career.

@AmberKinion- @chris_daughtry i built this daughtry concert up 4 such a longtime that i thought id be disappointed. wrong! they r the perfect rockband :)

@MrTonieeOh- I lovedd the Daughtry concert Thank You Chris for takinq your time and Coming to Phoenix for my first concert . [ :

@Bakernuts1- Daughtry concert...terrible....waste of time...

@Valerie0103- Home from Daughtry concert...Gotta get up in abt 6 hours for week, will be dead on my a$$ but well worth it....=)

@babykates7- who seriously gets drunk at a daughtry concert? wow

@Jcg32- Yes I am at the daughtry and lifehouse concert w my mom and yes I'm enjoying it. Ha ha

@clareitycoo- Oh my aching eyeballs, I witnessed an unreasonable amount of Ed Hardy last night at #Daughtry. Good time with Team AZ though :)

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