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David Garfield and the Cats

You know you're getting old when you hear some smooooooth jazz on the radio and think to yourself, "Wow. This would sound fantastic at my next dinner party." Listening to keyboardist-composer David Garfield is kind of like that. One minute, you're marveling at his clean West Coast texturing and slick guide tones; the next, you're fantasizing about sterling flatware and Pictionary. And, hey, why don't we all throw our car keys into this empty salad bowl, just for kic . . . Whoa, sorry. That '70s smooth-jazz fantasy is potent stuff! The L.A.-based Garfield — who also fronts the jazz-fusion band Karizma and has collaborated with the likes of George Benson and Boz Scaggs — will perform at the swanky Voce Ristorante and Lounge, a north Scottsdale fine-dining-and-live-music pleasuredome co-owned by chef Michael Lepore and local jazz siren Khani Cole, who often performs there herself. And, yes, Garfield will bring his Cats: four of the finest jazz sessionists he can cram into an animal carrier. So sit back, sip your cognac, and enjoy the kind of finely crafted elevator music that would have compelled your younger self to stick M-80s in your ears.
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Craig Outhier