DJ Dossier

Devin Fleenor Talks Mr. Meeble, Pablo Gomez, Lasers, MadTeo, House Music, and More

Devin Fleenor doesn't DJ much any more. In fact, he hasn't performed behind the decks in three years. So when the Mr. Meeble member busts out with a DJ set, you know he's going to throw everythign he can at the club.

Such will be the case next Saturday at Bar Smith when Fleenor joins forces with renowned beat-juggler Pablo Gomez for a special gig at Solstice when they will unleash a mix of narcotic house tracks and a flurry of colored laser lights.

Fleenor drops dime on the event in this week's DJ Dossier, as well as info about his history as a DJ and what's in the works for Mr. Meeble.

Name: Devin Fleenor

AKA: One half of Mr. Meeble

Upcoming gigs: I'm doing a dark, narcotic house set with Pablo Gomez next Saturday during Solstice at Bar Smith.

Favorite genres? I like pushing the envelope of sounds - genres aren't so important. I believe there are amazing tracks in almost every genre.

How did you get started DJing? At house parties. People knew I loved music and that I wrote and recorded music, and so they just started asking [me to do it]. But I soon realized that DJing is a LOT of work, especially if you approach each set like a piece of art. When Mr. Meeble is touring Europe this year, Blain and I will likely do some DJing there as well.

Weapons of choice: I've always used a Macbook Pro, Ableton, and a midi-controller kind of setup. Never [on] vinyl or any of that.

Where have you DJ'd over the years? Places like house parties, Bikini Lounge, and Camus.

What sort of tracks did you like to drop in those days? I'd play Johnny Cash in the same set as Mr. Oizo and the Knife, and Hell, maybe some old Nine Inch Nails. I'd play anything and everything, but always mixed [it] with my own rhythm tracks, samples, glitches, etc.

Who are some of your influences? People like Djentrification and Pablo Gomez are so amazingly talented. I just LOVE what they do. They are both very humble and very talented and very underrated. Pablo is like an electronic music wizard and Alex makes amazing vegan burritos.

What's been your best experience as a DJ? Probably Bikini Lounge on Tuesday nights in 2007. A lot of my best friends were just having a great time. People danced there like there was no tomorrow.

Why don't you consider yourself much of a DJ? Well, I didn't do it at the level that other amazing DJs do it at. They make it their life, hunting for tracks, buying records, playing out all the time. I always thought of myself as a musician who dabbles

How did your upcoming Solstice set with Pablo come about? I heard a set that [he] played at the Bikini and one of his radio shows. And I was like, wait a minute, we can do an amazing house music set. Dark, trippy house, as weird as you can get and still be house. It really is quite the challenge, but doable.

What else do you have planned for Solstice? One name: MadTeo. Part of it [involves] how you combine elements that normally wouldn't be heard together. Take some sort of beautifully dark ambient piece and mix it with some German minimalist techno. Add in some live dubby heavily effected samples, and there you have it. Narcotic house music throw in a four-watt RGB laser programmed specifically for the set, and you've got a good time.

How many lasers will there be? Well, its a four-watt RGB unit, but [it will] look like a myriad of beams. It truly is an amazing piece of science.

Will anyone be vaporized? No, but minds will be melted.

Should people bring eye protection? Yes, and lead suits.

What's been happening with Mr. Meeble lately? Been working on a new EP for August, booking a 60 day European tour, and playing one big Arizona show [NextFest] on April 30th with a ton of amazing local AZ talent. I'm excited about it all

Best concert you've attended in the last year: Thom Yorke at Coachella or Jonsi's show at Marquee. Thom and Flea bounced off each other's energy in such an addictive, frenetic way, but Jonsi's show was more of an extreme of angelic Icelandic beauty meets scary intensity. [For] smaller shows: Holy Fuck at the Rhythm Room.

What have you been listening to lately? Sufjan Stevens.

What sites do you use for music? Torrents, iTunes, Soulseek, and sometimes Amazon.

Where do you shop locally for music? I buy stuff at Stinkweeds.

Last album purchased: MadTeo's EP Sinister Ministers

Track that's been going through your head lately: Radiohead's "Separator"

Will any Mr. Meeble tracks make it into the mix next Saturday? Ahh, nope. Well, maybe a little scrap of a Meeble track might find its way in.

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