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Recorded in an old war bunker, the twitchy rhythms and hard synths that drive Digitalism's full-length debut are only part of the picture. Idealism is also shaped by its punk rock theatrics — shrill sampled guitar riffs bounce off both channels as keyboard blasts lap against drum loops. The German duo's mostly instrumental effort morphs sporadically, even breaking into a floor-clearing acid freakout at points. Those who tend to overdo it on the Jack-and-Cokes may find the grind of the Justice-sounding "Jupiter Room" up their alley, but they may grow impatient with a scorcher like "Zdarlight" — Digitalism shuffles this one into several pieces, with gurgling house bass lines at the onset before everything stews over a beatless two minutes. The high-end licks that launch "Zdarlight's" third section sound as if they were tapped out on guitar pickups with a piece of metal, and although lo-fi vocals sit oddly on some of Idealism, Digitalism's freakishness never much hurts the pace. This is sizzling, sexed-up weekend shit right here.
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Dominic Umile