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Doing the Robot: Nine Great Songs to Ring in the Robot Revolution

One of our favorite weirdo acts is Captured! By Robots, and the gang of automatons and their human slave JBOT are back in town tonight at the Rhythm Room. In honor of their inevitable rise, we thought we'd try to appease the cold and heartless droid rage by demonstrating how we as a species have celebrated in song the coming of our future mechanical overlords. Dig these killer songs about robots -- resistance is futile.

1. Dee D. Jackson's "Automatic Lover"

What does one wear to seduce a robot? Purple spandex and a silver lamé cape are a good start.

2. Marina & the Diamonds, "I Am Not A Robot"

What's Marina's problem with robots? A mechanical man needs love too, y'know.

3. Lupe Fiasco, "Daydreamin'"

Skateboarder fantasizes about giant mechs rampaging through town. Why is he ignoring Jill Scott?

4. The Buggles, "I Love You (Miss Robot)" 

Better known for predicting that radio stars would be killed by video, The Buggles also delved into man-machine love from 1980's The Age of Plastic.

5. Jerry Butler, "Mechanical Man"

No matter how strange and foreign it may seem to us flesh-and-blood folk, robots have needs too, and Mr. Butler gives you the soulful lowdown on how to find his ON switch.

6. Robyn, "Fembot"

It's not just the male robots that need their axles greased, as Robyn details here.

7. Jetdaisuke, "Everybody Wants to Be A Robot"

Japan's Jetdaisuke makes generalizations about humanity, but hey, being digital never looked so fun... or full of lazers.

8. KRS-One & Buckshot, "Robot"

It's nice to know that no matter what happens, KRS-One will always be around to hector people on proper rapping. Guess what he thinks of Autotune?

9. Mega Ran, "Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)"

And you thought we'd end this list with Kraftwerk. Pshaw! Instead, let's point you in the direction of new classics like this one from Phoenix's own video-game rapper Mega Ran, who rhymes about falling in love with a shiny, shiny woman.

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