Download: Giant Giant Sand's "Forever and a Day"

Back in March, we spoke with Howe Gelb, of Giant (Giant) Sand about his new album, Tucson, in the first episode of our weekly podcast (We call it Up on the Sun: The Podcast. Ain't we clever?). Well yesterday Fire Records debuted sprawling, echoing track from the "country rock opera," called "Forever and a Day," and it's a doozy.

"You've got six people from Tucson, six people from Denmark," Gelb told us, describing the band as "way too big." The "sonic open door policy" he described is in full effect; the six minutes feature snare drums dripped in slapback reverb, pedal steel swells as the border-town horns sing, and Gelb's voice distant and spectral as he sings, "So good luck suckers, I'm on my way/I've been here forever and a day."

Tucson hits stores on June 11, and features Lonna Kelley, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan, Jon Villa, Thøger T. Lund, Peter Dombernowski, Anders Pederesen, Nikolaj Heyman, Señor Lopez, Asger Christensen and Iris Jakobsen.


Giant Giant Sand, "Forever and a Day"

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