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Dungen @ The Rhythm Room

Sweden is a peculiar country — the furniture comes disassembled and the fish taste like gummy bears — but its people have put out some good music. For a nation with a population comparable to North Carolina, Sweden has created some pretty diverse stuff, too. It's easy to draw a line from the blond-and-blue-eyed pop of ABBA to Roxette to Ace of Base, but recent years have seen some of Indieland's most interesting music come from the Scandinavian country, including José González, The Hives, and Fever Ray (emphasis on "interesting" for that last one). Dungen fits right in with that crowd, gaining raves worldwide for their rough take on psychedelic rock. And befitting their often noisy tunes, they're not ready to make nice. They skipped out on their major label after their 2002 record (the fun-to-try-to-say Stadsvandringar), and didn't tour behind 2006's Tio Bitar, mainly because, um, singer/driving creative force Gustav Ejstes didn't want to tour. Dungen's newest album, out this week, is titled Skit i allt — Swedish for "fuck all." Oh, and unlike those other bands that hit big in the United States and UK by singing in English, Dungen sings its lyrics in the band's native tongue. That gets them mad Swede cred.
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Albert Ching
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