Fall Frenzy's Final Day in 140 Characters or Less

The massive stage has been disassembled, the bands have moved on to their next tour stops, and the the $7 beers have all been, uh, recycled by now. Yep, Arizona Fall Frenzy is in the books after Flogging Molly and Social Distortion sent the three-day music festival out in style.

As Michael Lopez reported earlier in his recap, Sunday's crowd was relatively smaller than the gigantic throng that came out on Saturday for Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, which means many people missed out on hanging out with Mike Ness and the rest. If you're one of those cats who decided to stay home, live vicariously through some of the tweets of concertgoers and check out the above YouTube clip of Social D.

ashyi999: Social Distortion was so Awesome last night. They sounded great & it was such a great set and of course Mike Ness looked hot!

codemonkey37: Social D was awesome but I feel like I just smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes.

Humbertony: Social Distortion is surprisingly great in concert. I knew they'd be good, but not this good. Damn.

neiami: Some people go to church on Sunday, others they go to social d! - lead singer mike

thavrilka: Social d was the shit tonight and flogging molly was great too.


CreamyDog: Flogging Molly is the perfect sunset band.

minor_fifth: Flogging Molly in an hour and a half. Play faster, Ben Harper!

CeekayJones: Sitting sidestage listening to Ben Harper kill it on stage !!!

FieldsWho: Ben Harper is the effin man! If you've never seen him live , make it a point to before you die.

iTINK85256: AZ Fall Frenzy....The Bravery ROCKS!!!

SBRockCity: The Bravery has one good song, and it's all their songs.G Love is a whiterap poseur.Ben Harper jams a lot, but is great live.Bros are smelly

radioleslie: Just saw amazing show from Airborne Toxic in the 105 Phx. heat. Now waiting for The Bravery.

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