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Fayuca Announce Spring Tour on Way to SxSW, Nominated for High Times Doobie Award

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The road to Austin's SxSW music and arts festival is a long and arduous one. A total of 1,006 miles to be exact. (Well, according to Google Maps anyhow.) One of the many Valley acts making the trek in March include local Latin reggae rockers, Fayuca.

Last week the trio announced a spring tour that includes 13 dates across four states next month. The south west leg kicks off on March 8, at Scottsdale's Roxy Lounge and concludes March 24 in Pueblo, Colo.

They'll be playing three days in Austin, including High Times Magazine's party stage. The group is up for a Doobie Award, an honor bestowed upon the, "stoniest music of the year."

We spoke with Fayuca frontman Gabo Solorzano about the upcoming tour and what it takes to be the stoniest musicians of the year.

Up on the Sun: So this south west tour: What are the travel logistics for a tour like this? Is it all driving or some flying?

Gabo Solorzano: This tour is all driving. Lucky for us most of the stops are no more than six to seven hours apart. Minus a couple drive days where we split 20 hour drives into two days. It seems like a lot of driving but we're used to it by now.

Is a leg like this daunting or just business as usual for you guys then?

It's actually not that bad. We've toured this route several times and always look forward to a trip like this one. The road is a time to reconnect with yourself, your fans and your band mates. It's great to zone into your thoughts and gather yourself; it clears your conscience and sparks a new love for what we do. Or at least we think. Most of the road just ends up a drunken blur by the time we get home.

Do you guys have any pre-trip rituals you guys follow? A month of just seeing each others faces, what do you guys do to deal with it?

It's a love hate relationship Anthony. I'm sure everyone relates! We've been jamming together for over 10 years and have built a strong brotherhood. We play a lot of soccer to relieve the stress, we talk about music, tell jokes and pick on each other to reinforce our bond. It also helps that each person has their own bench in the van. It's like your personal iso-booth.

As for rituals go: we make sure to hydrate, exercise and spend time with our families. We pay our rent, feed our dogs, wash our underwear, man-scape, go to church, check our brakes, rotors and suspension, clean the van, tune-up the van, change our strings and drum heads, tune up our amps, buy new shoes, get a hair cut. You know, just the usual!

Congrats on the Doobie nomination. As musicians, what do you think it takes to make the stoniest "music of the year?"

Hahaha. Maybe it takes a lot of IRIE vibrations. We were honored when we heard about the nomination; we must be doing something right when High Times Magazine recognizes your band as the "Best Underground Artist of the Year". We've always said, "the rebels will rise and the music will speak for itself." We have a thing for blending Latin grooves with metal riffs and spacey sound effects. We play what we feel and feel what we play. Maybe that's what did us in?

Fayuca kicks off their tour on March 8, at the Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and is drinking age and up.

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