Flier of the Week: Honey Pistol at Long Wong's

Flier of the Week: Honey Pistol at Long Wong's

You can't help but feel a little dirty when looking at this flier for Honey Pistol's show at Long Wong's this Saturday, April 10.

Ladybugs are supposed to be pretty and sweet--not insects you'd expect to see banging each other. But hey, at least they're doing it on a flower, and that does make it seem a little more innocent.

And it's fitting that there are ladybugs on the flier, not bees or grasshoppers. After all, there's a lot of girl power in the group, with three female members, including singer/guitarist Jenny Bruce. The group cites Fiona Apple as one of its influences, and it's no surprise--many of the songs tell stories, and the melodies and vocals are often emotional and haunting. But Bruce insists the show will put a smile on your face.

"Feast your ears on harmonies, guitar solos, violin, clarinet, banjos and fun, happy times!" she says.

And she's not kidding about the array of instruments--this may be one of the only local bands you'll see with a full-time clarinet player.

In addition to Honey Pistol, Bruce promises, "There is a great line up of eclectic music in store for all you who come out," including local band Mergence. The all-ages show is free.

If you see a cool flier for an upcoming show, send it to Nicki Escudero at nicki.escudero@villagevoicemedia.com.


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