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Former Ghosts (Xiu Xiu/Zola Jesus) To Kick Off Fall Tour at Trunk Space

Jamie Stewart, mastermind behind prolific indie riockers Xiu Xiu, has decided to not only form a new trio, but to have that band kick off their first tour at Phoenix's Trunk Space. Stewart's new collaboration is named Former Ghosts (a pretty sweet name if you ask me) and it consists of Nika Roza from Zola Jesus and Freddy Rupert, the sole member of electronic outfit This Song Is A Mess But So Am I. The new band has an album due out October 20 titled Fleurs and will be touring extensively in October in support.

Former Ghosts will play Trunk Space on Friday, October 2. That particular date just so happens to be the first show on the tour -- though bands like Metallica like to open in Phoenix, it's rather rare for non-local artists at the small club level to do such a thing. All in all, it's going to be a pretty remarkable/dark and ominus show based on tracks available from the band and taking into account the impressive resumé of Stewart, Roza and Rupert.

"Hold On," compliments of Pitchfork.

"Us And Now," streaming at Former Ghosts' MySpace.
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Michael Lopez