Halocene Brings the "What People Think I Do" Meme to Life

Watch any video from local pop rockers Halocene, and it's clear that this band loves to have fun. The go completely over the top in the band's new video for "Sometimes," which focuses on the "What People Think I Do" meme.

Even though the band has a blast trashing TVs and playing beer pong, the video has some important messages. A condescending Wonka says, "Oh, you have a girl in your band? You must be the next Paramore" and a Rolling "Some" cover shoot prominently features vocalist Addie Nicole with the male band members blocked out. The female singer commentary continues, as "What internet trolls think we do" features the singer in bed with her bandmates.

"So often people assume that I'm fame hungry; it's totally the opposite. The guys want me to be the 'face' of the band, while I would much rather be all of us, equal," says singer Addie Nicole. "When we first started the band, Brad [Amick] was just going to promote me as a solo artist, but I said 'No, I want this to be a band.' I don't think the guys get enough credibility."

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Up on the Sun: Tell us a little bit about the "Sometimes" video. How did you come up with the concept?

Addie Nicole: We went through a ton of concepts before arriving to the final one. We thought about zombies, office-themed, and finally we just gave up and were like, 'Let's just record a video down at our studio and see what happens.' Brad ended up coming up with the idea of 'What people think we do...' since our last video for 'Secret' got so much crap. We thought it'd be fun to predict what people would say about us...and give it to them! What was the production process like?

We worked with our friend Jeremy Tremp, and it was really cool because we got to see how he did things. Lighting, camera set ups, etc. Plus he's totally chill, so we got to be our goofy selves and be really hands on with all the ideas and how we wanted it to be.

What were some of your favorite scenes to shoot?

My personal favorite was 'What our moms think we do' where we're destroying stuff. We took a sledgehammer to an old computer monitor and it practically exploded.

Were there any other memes you thought about including?

We had talked about doing rage comics but it just became a little too difficult to incorporate in a music video. Tell us about the song itself. How does it tie into the video?

To be honest it really doesn't. That's why we struggled for so long to come up with an idea. All we knew is that we wanted this song to be a fun single, and we just wanted to capture the essence of our band in the video. The video already has a lot of hits. How have people been finding it? What has the response been like so far?

A huge help was from BryanStars. The response from when he posted it was positive, but a majority of the music he posts leans towards hardcore. So of course, there was some criticism about us being a pop band. We've also gotten a lot of it from our cover videos. We love doing covers because it captures new viewers attention, and they usually go to check out our original stuff. What has Halocene been up to lately?

We put up videos almost weekly now, playing shows, writing songs for the next album. Also we just moved into our own studio so we've been building that. We really want to put out another music video, but again we are having trouble coming up with ideas!

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