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Haunted Cologne/ Archbishop Jason Polland

About the only thing that Frances Lopez, a.k.a. Miss Franberry, a.k.a. founder of Fizzle Promotions, a.k.a. one of downtown's hottest young promoters/musicians hadn't accomplished was starting her own record label to showcase all the local bands she books at venues like Modified Arts and Trunk Space. With the August 2007 release of the Haunted Cologne/Archbishop Jason Polland split, Lopez's Tiny Panda Records captures a couple of the scene's better-known fringe musical acts. The inaugural release features five goofball polka tracks by Haunted Cologne, many that sound like a traveling circus on uppers, as well as Archbishop Jason Polland's one long track and a shorty. Polland's extended 15-minute plus funeral dirge for goth-types, "Forever Lost," is patience-testing at best, annoying at worst (how much spookified Castlevania-esque organ/keyboard can one stomach?), and drags on way too long. Despite the hiccup that never seems to stop, Haunted Cologne's tracks make TPR's debut worthy of your local-artist-supporting dollar bills.
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Steve Jansen
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