Here We Go Magic

It's hard to find out what Brooklyn-based Luke Temple has on his iPod, but judging from the tracks we've heard from Here We Go Magic's recently released CD Pigeons (especially the lead single, the catchy "Collector"), he's been listening to a lot of psychedelic-era Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones or The Beach Boys' trippiest music. Either that or he's been experimenting with mind-expanding substances. We'd prefer to believe the former. About five years ago, Temple released a couple of folk-inspired discs, but nothing really resulted from that. After a period away from the music scene, he re-emerged with Here We Go Magic's self-titled debut, and things began to take off. All of a sudden, he had a five-piece band on the road. Well-received appearances at this year's SxSW followed, and now they're poised to make it very, very big. Perusing their MySpace page, we also had the chance to sample tracks like "Fangela," a loopy tune whose intro sounds like a bootleg recording made in the back of a smoky room. But then the drums and effects come in, and things go into a completely different, almost dreamy territory. If they sound this good live, Here We Go Magic has a bright future ahead.

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