Is U2 a Supergroup? The Arizona Republic Says So

Maybe it's just that we've run not one but two think pieces on the concept of and criteria for "supergroups" in the last month, but I became physically ill upon seeing the headline over The Arizona Republic's review of U2's show in Glendale last night.

"Supergroup U2 delivers in Glendale," it read.

Then, the story:

Irish supergroup U2 used the biggest stage in rock to try to connect with tens of thousands of fans at University of Phoenix Stadium during the band's stop in Glendale, no matter which zip code they were sitting in.

A memo to The Arizona Republic's copyeditors: The word "supergroup" has a meaning, and that meaning is not simply "a group that is super by virtue of immense talent."

"In the late 1960s, the term supergroup was coined to describe 'a rock music group whose performers are already famous from having performed individually or in other groups,'" says Wikipedia.

I guess you could maybe rely on the second (and stupid, not to mention heretofore totally obscure) definition at but c'mon, guys. Geez oh Pete, we need more music writing from the Republic's much better daily counterpart in Mesa.

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