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Jack's Mannequin

Even if you aren't familiar with Jack's Mannequin singer and pianist Andrew McMahon's former band, the undeniably emo Something Corporate, it's easy to see the musician's innate songwriting talent when he performs. Melding memorable choruses, clever turns of phrase and original piano-based melodies, McMahon's work on Jack's Mannequin is both hooky and emotive, with more pop sensibility than his previous group. The stage show is even more dynamic, usually concluding with McMahon jumping onto his piano keys with a massive amount of vigor. Although it's really all about the frontman in this group, McMahon tours with a talented selection of backing musicians, who add vibrant layers to the already engaging tracks. Sponsored by Rec Center, a new social networking site with an emphasis on music that is primed to give MySpace a run for its money, this show is bound to be a good experience — even if you just go to see whether this is the night when McMahon breaks his piano by jumping on it too hard.
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Emily Zemler