Jenny Lewis Boycott Statement is Noxiously Cloying (Just Like Everything Else She Writes, Sings or Says)

A lot of people really love that chick from Rilo Kiley, you know, the one that used to be a child actress. Personally, I've always thought of Jenny Lewis as really, really fake. Also, her music sorta reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, whose charms I have thankfully but mysteriously been inoculated against.

ANYWAY, my opinions of Ms. Lewis were cemented by her self-important statement about why she's not playing Arizona on her upcoming tour with Johnathan Rice. Lest you suspect this is sour grapes, I should not that I gave her another shot a few days before, listening to that track "Scissor Runner" that's been all over the hipster blogs. It sucks -- it's totally pointless, completely devoid of any originality whatsoever and without much of a melody.

But back to the boycott. The statement by JandJ (as they label themselves -- this is exactly what I'm talking about) is above (since she annoyingly closed comments on her post).

This part was the most insufferable: "to all our rad southwestern peeps, we're sorry that the brutes are running the show."

Hey, Jenny, speaking for the other "southwestern peeps" I have to ask, why were you still acting in Hollywood movies and TV shows when California passed its similarly awful Prop 187? Didn't you want to "show [your] love and respect" for your "friends and fans are of latino/chicano/hispanic origin" back then?

Or is, as I've argued a few times, Arizona just an easy target? I can safely say almost no one at Lewis' show would support this bill. Joining the Soundstrike boycott would have been one thing, but Lewis, as is her way, had to go and tell us what's what too.


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.