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Kanye West Not Dead Despite Massive Rumors/Speculation

Granted, West isn't exactly most people's favorite person right now, especially after his little shit-fit at the VMAs this September. Then the news came that his "Fame Kills" Tour with Lady Gaga was no more, due to the fact that West needed to take a break from the limelight -- one that he casted on himself.

So what would be the logical next step for West? Release a super trippy, all-around bizarre video -- "We Were Once A Fairytale" --  with director Spike Jonze (good luck trying to find it -- West had it taken down pretty soon after it was put on the internet). Next up? Somehow get entangled in an internet hoax not involving a balloon and the state of Colorado.

I have had Twitter open since I started typing this, and the "RIP Kanye West" topic continues to see thousands of tweets by the second. Sadly, most of them involve the line, "Whoever started the RIP Kanye West hoax, Imma let you finish, but Balloon Boy had the greatest hoax of all time." True, he deserves that, but can we not, as a society, run something so far into the ground? Please?

Kanye West: proof that something so ungrounded and false is still something that can absolutely take control of the internet and the powers that be. Now we can speculate as to how the rumor got started in the first place. Some people like to think it was West himself, noting that is a bit of a "fame whore." Others speculate that if West did indeed die, he died for our sins. Just more proof that Kanye West is a lightning rod of controversy/conversation. Hell, I couldn't help myself when I saw that West's death was becoming such a huge topic of discussion. I hate to admit it, but West is a fascinating person, even if I cannot stand how he conducts himself or his bloated, auto-tuned music. Oh how I long for the days when his jaw was wired shut...

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Michael Lopez