Katy Perry Features Rebecca Black, Hanson, Kenny G and Glee Stars in New Video For 'Last Friday Night'

In the brand new video, Perry throws a kick ass '80s house party at her home with the help of party co-host and my homegirl Rebecca Black, house band Hanson, and sax master Kenny G, who plays Uncle Kenny. Plus, '80s stars Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman make cameos as Katy's parents. Furthermore, Darren Criss and Kevin McHale of Glee both make appearances, as well. Perry and McHale have dreamy nerd fantasies about each other throughout the video, and it's actually sort of endearing.

Katy transforms from nerdy to nerdy chic with some fashion guidance from Rebecca Black, queen of the Fridays, who gets her Katy into party mode.

The music video is extremely playful, laid back, and fun, and makes Katy Perry seem like she's really easy to hang out with, almost in a girl next door sense. There are tons of people who would love to see more videos like this, so keep the party going, Katy!

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