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Keb' Mo'

When a guy like Martin Scorsese likes your music enough to release a best-of compilation of your music as part of his Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues series, you have to feel pretty good about yourself. Especially when you consider that some of the other artists included in the series were B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Eric Clapton. That list of best blues musicians of all time — a companion to the PBS documentary series of the same name that aired back in 2003 — is just where Keb' Mo' found himself. Perhaps what is even more impressive is that Keb' Mo' had only released four studio albums at the time. However, it is worth mentioning that two of those albums, 1996's Just Like You and 1998's Slow Down were both winners of the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. Keb' Mo', born Kevin Moore, has that unique ability of being able to turn a classic musical styling like the blues and make it sound new. Keb' Mo' most recently released the live album Live & Mo' in 2009 on his record label Yolabelle International and has been touring extensively in support of the new album.
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Michael Escoto