Local Photographer Launches Music Matters Project, Calls For Concert Photos

Greg Taylor, an ace local photographer whose work we have featured here at PHXmusic.com, has an ambitious new venture.

Taylor started the Music Matters Project in the hopes of collecting some great concert photography for a full-color soft- cover book made up of 50 to 60 pages on glossy stock. It'll be printed on demand through one of the many sites that specialize in such things, with all proceeds going to charity.

So far Taylor has five photogs on board, but hopes to get a lot more. The book will double as sort of a guide to concert photography because Taylor plans to print all basic camera settings (the photographer's term is EXIF information: ISO, focal Length, aperture, shutter Speed).

Proceeds of the project will go to the Sweet Relief Fund, which you may recall started as a way to help pay the medical costs of Victoria Williams (Remember Peal Jam's cover of "Crazy Mary?" That was part of Sweet Relief) and later tried to help the late Vic Chesnutt.

E-mail Greg at info@musicmattersproject.org between now and July 1 if you've got something to share.

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